Investigate romantic Istanbul

Although Istanbul might not be the first destination you think of when planning that special holiday, you might be surprised at just how much it has going for it. Lucy Mullinger reminisces on her time spent in the capital of Turkey.


From Hollywood turf to Northland surf

Not many Northlanders can say they have been nominated for an Emmy, an Oscar and survived cancer but Tutukaka resident David Stevens isn’t your typical Northland bloke.

Fes – The medieval city – Morocco

From donkeys and mules carrying copious amounts of bags, leather or food items, through to the sound of looms clanking out home-made rugs and scarves – the world of Fes is a million years away from Auckland, which is why I decided to visit the medieval town.

Gareth Morgan – $50 Million Dollars – What Would You Do?

By Lucy Mullinger elocal magazine

It’s easy to drive past those less affluent areas around New Zealand and say “it’s not my problem, the government needs to do more,” or “they could get a job if they wanted to”. It’s a lot harder to really get into the social fabric of New Zealand and look at ways in which our people can thrive as one society.